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Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl Ester resin is produced from the esterificated of an epoxy resin with a methacrylic acid, and the reacted product is then dissolved in styrene monomer. Vinyl ester resin have got both advantages of unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin, including excellence corrosion resistance of most acidic and alkali chemicals ; more strength and mechanical properties; superior operability and environmental durability. 

Medium viscosity

High reactivity

Excellent mechanical property

Excellent fire retardant property

Widely used in all kinds of fire retardant FRP products

fire retardant vinyl ester resin for yacht property


transparent light yellow liquid



Acid value



GB/T 2895-2008

Solid content



GB/T 7193-2008




GB/T 7193-2008

Stability 80℃



GB/T 7193-2008


fire retardant vinyl ester resin for yacht typical curing property

25℃ water bath,100g resin filled with 2ml MEKP solvent and 4ml cobalt iso-octoate gel time 7.7-14.3  min  accord to GB/T 7193-2008

fire retardant vinyl ester resin for yacht casting body property



Testing method


Casting body no fault


Tensile strength


GB/T 2567-2008

Tensile modulus

3000 Mpa

GB/T 2567-2008

Elongation at break

4 %

GB/T 2567-2008

Bending strength

100 Mpa

GB/T 2567-2008

Bending modulus

3400 Mpa

GB/T 2567-2008

Impact strength

11  KJ/m2

GB/T 2567-2008

Distortion temperature

60 ℃

GB/T 1634-2004

Barcol hardness


GB/T 3854-2005

Oxygen index(FRP)



Fire retardant property

Accord to GB2408/1, extinguish after 2 second apart from flame

GB/T  2408-2008



fire retardant vinyl ester resin for yacht used for all kinds of fire retardant FRP products

vinyl ester resin for yacht Packaging & Shipping

Normal packing of liquid unsaturated polyester resin 191 frp resin used for pipeline and septic tank
Sample order :A barrel 
Materila : plastic barrel 
Specification: 30kg/ barrel
Delivery time : original day or tomorrow 
Shipping :By air or express .
Standard order
Material: Metal barrel 
Net weight: 220 kg / barrel 
if need ,we can help u pack 4 barrels onto a pallet 
80 barrels(17.6 tons)for a 20” container
Delivery:within 1-5days after payment .
Transportation: by sea/ Land