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Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Modified starch ether is a kind of chemical modified starch without plasticizer and organic solvent. Its appearance is white powder. Compared with other materials, it has good compatibility.

Modified starch ether is compatible with other buildings admixtures, especially suitable for construction dry mix such as mortar, adhesive, and plaster. Combined together with methyl cellulose in the building dry mix, they can realize higher thickening, stronger structure, sag resistance and workability. The viscosity of mortars, binders, and plasters containing higher methyl cellulose ethers can be reduced by the addition of starch ethers.



white powder, free-flowing

Solid content



can dissolve in the cold water

Ph Value(3.75%, 25℃)

Alkaline, 8.0-11.5

Viscosity (5%, 20℃ aqueous solution )







Widely used in all kinds of (cement-based, gypsum-based, and grey calcium base) interior and exterior wall putty; all kinds of finish mortar and plaster mortar. Such as gypsum plaster, tile adhesive and masonry mortars.


0.05~0.15% of mortar materials
The product is hydroscopic, must be stored in a dry, cool place maintain the original packaging, preferably within 12 months


The specific additions need to be debugged based on actual materials and formulations to achieve the optimal performance.